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360graden camera support in Milestone Xprotect 

De technologie achter een 360° camera is de laatste jaren enorm verbeterd. Veel camera leveranciers bieden tegenwoordig een 360° camera aan via hun productenpakket. Milestone biedt met XProtect de mogelijkheid om het opgenomen 360° beeld terug te brengen naar een ‘kijkers’vriendelijker beeld.

Engelse tekst aangeleverd door Milestone; 

There are many benefits of 360 degree cameras, such as the ability to record an area uninterrupted, no blind spots in a wide field of view covering all directions, no mechanical moving parts resulting in silent operation, and low installation and maintenance costs. These combined factors make 360 degree camera technology ideal for a range of industries and purposes, providing supreme situational awareness.

Milestone products and the open platform enable different technologies to obtain 360 degree images and other derived views such as de-warped images for even greater clarity (for cameras currently supported by XProtect):

• ImmerVision Enables® panomorph lenses applied to megapixel cameras
• De-warp capabilities built in to 360 degree cameras
• De-warp of 360 degree images within XProtect® Smart Client

De-warping of 360 degree images within XProtect Smart Client is made possible through partner integrations using the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK). This has allowed camera manufacturers to develop a plug-in, so that their de-warping technology can be integrated directly into the Milestone XProtect software. This allows de-warped images to be derived from both live and recorded 360 degree images.

This increased functionality is easily acquired simply by installing the de-warping plug-in on the workstation where XProtect Smart Client is deployed. Currently, a plug-in is available from the camera manufacturers AMG Systems, Oncam Grandeye, Sentry360 and Vivotek.
The screenshot from XProtect Smart Client provided by AMG Systems below demonstrates AMG-Panogenics de-warping plug-in for their Panocam360 camera including five virtual pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) views derived from the camera’s 360 degree stream.

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